How to use our cryptocurrency robot

Step by step


Sign up on the platform.


At the same time as you sign up on Crypto Robot Pro, we create an account in your name with the dedicated broker. The broker is a platform where trades take place and with which our cryptocurrency robot interacts. Your account with the broker is under your name, with your email address and the same password.

You are now connected to the robot. The first step consists of configuring the software in the settings tab in the left-hand menu.

Here’s the configuration we suggest using to start out with:

Crypto Robot Pro Settings


To be able to trade, you need to deposit money with the broker. To do this, click the button marked "Deposit". With cryptocurrencies, it’s possible to start out with very low capital investment at around €300. This was unheard of only a few years ago.

So you deposit €300 to be able to start up the robot, but thanks to our reputation, we have negotiated a benefit with the broker. You just need to contact them after your deposit to request a bonus.

If you decide to deposit more than €300 for more comfort (recommended), your bonus will increase.


Once your funds are added to your trading account, you only need to launch the cryptocurrency robot to begin making money.

To launch the robot, click on AUTO TRADE button:

trading automatique

You can see the bot’s actions in real time as well as the gains it’s making.